60+ Things To Try In Self-Isolation.

We’re getting the hang of self-isolation now, and the key is keeping the mood positive and to acheive that, having a routine, with restful brakes scheduled is vital and so is having a wide range of activities. So here’s a list to give you a few ideas…

  1. Draw a rainbow for your window – join in the rainbow trail.
  2. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure & paint your nails.
  3. Re-decorate a room or even the entire house.
  4. Do something that you said you’d do when you had time.
  5. listen to music.
  6. De-clutter – go room by room.
  7. Take a virtual tour of a museum or art gallery online.
  8. Do some colouring – not just for kids, very relaxing.
  9. Get some spring cleaning done.
  10. Take a nap.
  11. Learn to knit, crochet, draw or embroider.
  12. Support a small business – feel free to support ours: vintage bead earrings, Bronte Sisters inspired clothes and jewellery and art by johnnyinthe56.
  13. Cook a new recipe.
  14. Have a picnic in the garden or if the weather’s poor in the living room.
  15. Have a film night – don’t forget the popcorn.
  16. Mend something.
  17. Get up before dawn & watch the sunrise and listen to the dawn corus.
  18. Just be.
  19. Hold a dressing up challenge with friends of family. Pick a theme & time frame, dress up – share the photos.
  20. Try meditation.
  21. Read a book.
  22. Wave at passers-by.
  23. Draw or paint a picture.
  24. Play a board game or cards.
  25. Deep condition your hair.
  26. Go for a walk or run – if you’re locked down, then explore the world on google maps.
  27. Write down a family story or history, for the next generation.
  28. Take a long bath.
  29. Make a scarpbook for yourself, a friend or family member.
  30. Take an online course.
  31. Do some gardening.
  32. Sort your paperwork.
  33. Bake a cake or biscuits.
  34. Make a gratitude list.
  35. Have a disco in your kitchen.
  36. Hang out with your kids or pets.
  37. Phone family & friends for a chat.
  38. Learn about new technology.
  39. Play a game online – minecraft anyone?
  40. Write a list of things you’d like to do.
  41. Start a blog, vlog or diary.
  42. Binge watch a series.
  43. Do a workout.
  44. Put your photos into albums.
  45. Make afternoon tea.
  46. Watch a film or six.
  47. Learn the periodic table of elements using the song – google it!
  48. Write a letter.
  49. Litter pick – use a litter picker, not bare hands, if you’re outside.
  50. Do yoga.
  51. Water, feed & re-pot your house plants.
  52. Start learning a new language.
  53. Listen to a podcast or audio book.
  54. Clear the laundry mountain.
  55. Make a list of things you want to do when you’re no longer in isolation.
  56. Watch something that makes you laugh – Simon’s Cat is my fav.
  57. Stay up late and watch the stars.
  58. Watch a piece of theatre online – it’s free!
  59. Clean the car.
  60. Make an assult course for pets / childrens / partner / self.
  61. Voluteer.
  62. Be hopeful.
  63. Join in the Thank you clap for our amazing keyworkers.

So we can bust the boredom and keep the blues at bay by doing things differently. By embracing our new way of life and we can come out of this as better people than when we went in.

Stay home and stay safe.

Thanks & enjoy!

Sarah x

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