Blonde – the story inspired by Marilyn Monroe…

The tragic story of Marilyn Monroe continues to facinate the world even decades after her death.

In life and death she’s a complex and captivating icon and her story is just as interesting, so it not a suprise that Netflix are about to drop a film adaptation of the fantastic book Blonde by Joyce Oates.

The book is an incredible read, it deftly weaves fact and fiction to create an astonishing story around her life. It envelopes you and draws you in.

It’s a hefty book and neither Johnny or I could put Blonde down. Although our reading tastes rare overlap they did on this occassion, so we both recommend it. Enough said really!

Reading Blone has sent johnny on a mission to create another Marilyn portrait and our upcoming project for August is to create some t-shirts, art prints, mugs, hoodies and some other goodies with Johnny’s Marilyn Monroe portraits.

He’s done a few portraits of Marilyn over the years and is facinated by trying to capture the complexity of her character.

I hope you get time to read the book and maybe see the film – but don’t forget the book’s usually better!

Have a great week and thanks for reading!

Sarah & Johnny xx

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