Check Out Our New Jane Austen x Graffiti Range!

So, along with my love of the Bronte Sisters, i’m also a massive fan of Jane Austen and her work. It took me a few reads to get beyond the constraints of the language and hear her voice. Cricky what a voice – she’s very sharp and really, really funny. That lady really did have and eye for humanity and all it’s foolishness and quirks! Her words really inspire me and I’ve been feeling creative, so I decided to meld her amazing ideas with an art movement that, in my opinion, really represents just how creative, subversive and progressive she was. Welcome to our new Jane Austen X Graffiti range…..

I hope you enjoy the new Jane Austen X Graffiti gifts and clothing range and if you’re looking for a good read do check out Jane Austen’s books!

Have a great week & thanks for reading!

Sarah x

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