Going a bit Gothic …..

As the days shorten the weather here in Yorkshire gets a bit gothic, especially as halloween draws near and I’ve got to say I do love it!

We’ve always had a soft spot for all things dark and brooding and that comes across clearly in what we create and produce, so we decided that to celebrate Halloween we’d gather all our gothic inspired creations in one department in the store, so here’s a selection from our BRAND NEW Gothic Gifts, Art & Jewellery Section.

I hope you enjoy our Halloween inspired gothic offerings, they are eco-friendly and if you’d like to read more about celebrating an eco-friendly Halloween, then check out this blog piece.

Thanks & have a great Halloween

Sarah X

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Art Deco – it was a brave new look for a brave new world. As I sit here in summer 2022 embracing our ‘new normal’ and bracing myself for ‘The Roaring Twenties – The Re-do’, I’m instantly inspired to look back to the original and the design movement that redefined everything, from dinner plates to dancing frocks and back again. 1920s swept in the Art Deco design movment and in an instant it swept away all the tradition that had gone before and by crikey was everybody ready. After years of war, truma and loss followed by the Flu pandemic of 1918 the world needed a brake – enough was enough, so many had lost their lives and youths to the war and the flu and now they were going to live a little…..

Art Deco was THE thing that changed every thing. I always find the name a little strange: Arts Decoratif, to give it’s full title. It came out of France and means Decorative Arts and yet it is less decorative and fussy than it’s predecesor Art Nouveau (meaning New Arts).

Anyway, along came Art Deco and changed the world. It represented an un-fussy, elegant, sometimes simple and sometimes elaborate style. Featuring geometric shapes and stong lines it has a purity and simplicity which tells of it’s practicallity. It can be even be argued that it also had a role in the Rights of Women movement. Art Deco design removed the focus of the creation of a domestic enviroment from a purely female role and resposibility and made it much more gender neutral. Art Deco clothing design was a massive departure from the restrictive and inconvenient dress of the preceding eras, it clearly resulted in much more practical clothing styles for women, meaning thay could take part in many activities with increased freedom of movement – no small progress!

And it was fun! As the designs was simplified the materials and finishes became much more important and luxe. If you were able to go dancing, you could wear a flapper dress and dance the Charleston (and who doesn’t love THAT!)

And, even if you had a family to look after and your flapper days were behind you, Art deco could still bring a hint of modern glamour into your world, in the form of a Clarice Cliff or Suzie Copper teaset!

Art Deco Clarice Cliff tea set

The Art Deco design movement was so highly influential on our lives that it is still impacting us today and I love the beauty and purity of it!

You can easily add a a sprinkle of Art Deco style to your home or wardrobe. Here’s a couple of high style Art Deco ideas!

I often use genuine Art Deco beads dating from the 1920s & 1930s to create reclrecaimed and recycled vintage bead earrings for my eco-friendly range of jewellery, so if you’re an Art Deco fan then come and take a look at my Art Deco earring collection

All in all, the Art Deco movment represented a huge leap forward in our lives, it transitioned us from traditional to modern and we’re still feeling those changes today! The design influence of the Art Deco movement has been so far reaching and impactful. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little foray into the Art Deco world…

Thanks & have a lovely day

Sarah x

PS: This blog contains affiliate some links, so if you purchase through them we get a (very) small comission which helps support the blog and pay our bills, so thank you for your support!

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