How To De-Clutter and Why You Might Want To Do This Now…..

De-cluttering has been the subject of a massive amount of discussion and debate and as a fully paid up member of the the clutter bug club (no, it’s not really a club, I don’t think so anyway – but wouldn’t that be such a cool club to join !?), it’s something I think about and talk about quite a bit.

Recent attempts to make my home more eco-friendly has meant that we’ve got a new eco-heating system, which is great, but, it was intresting how much stuff we had to move to get it fitted! This got me thinking about our ‘stuff’ and once again I launched a de-cluterring project, so I thought I’d share some of that with you.

I do like Marie Kondo’s approach, it was a game changer for me. I used to worry ALL THE TIME about the tidal wave of belongings that swept through our home and I felt really guilty that we had all this stuff and it was everywhere and I needed to get rid of it….

Then I read her book and realized that I didn’t need to ‘get rid of my clutter’. Marie advocates for keeping the things that ‘Spark Joy for you’ and letting go of everything that does not. The concept of something ‘Sparking Joy’ can be tricky to start with – who finds joy in teaspoons, for example. So she recommends starting with clothes, as we have a very close personal relationship with clothes. ‘Sparking Joy’ is about knowing exactly why you have that item. It does not have to be the most beautiful or glam thing, but when we use or wear it we are happy. An old t-shirt that we love and wear often ‘Sparks Joy’. The beautiful shoes that are murder to wear, so we don’t -can go. Teaspoons that we stir out tea with every morning – keepers. Fancy breadmaker that got used once – out it goes! Once all the things that don’t ‘Spark Joy’ are gone, you then organise like with like and remove duplicates that are not needed. This then leaves you room to display and organise all the things in your home that do ‘Spark Joy’ and it’s full of things you love!

My top tips and take aways:

1. Read Marie Kondo’s Life-Changing Magic of Tidying book.

2. Follow her system.

3. If you don’t have a large block of time or you’re doing a ‘mini’ sort, tidy and clean, then tackle a room or area at a time – but if you do this do remember to gather all the items from around your home that fit the the type of items you’re sorting.

4. ‘I’ll keep it, just in case / I might need it / or it might come in handy’ If these phrases trot through your brain, as you ask yourself: if the items ‘Spark Joy’? Then the answer is no!

4. Create a designated space for things you are going to recycle, donate or sell and set phone or diary reminders to to that next step. Items leaving your home is the key to success, so try to clear as much as you can and don’t leave unwanted items hanging around too long or they’ll get re-absorbed back into your home!

5. Repeat the process – it took me a few times, to embed the practises. It gets easier each time!

6. Give youself a pat of the back for your efforts and remember to feel postive about donating items and sending them back out into the world to live another life, it is good sustainable living!

Next, why you may want to do this now…..

1. In a few months Christmas will be on us and for those who celebrate this holiday, it will involve more ‘stuff’ coming into your home, so it’s good to have a premptive clear out.

2. You may come across items that you can gift to family and friends for Christmas, which will help with the cost and effort of finding all those lovely gifts for loved ones!

3. You will have a solid base for a functioning and welcoming home for the holiday season and you will be able find all the things you need for the celebrations – which always makes life easier.

4. if you have items to donate they will come in handy for others during the festivities.

5. If you have items to sell now is a great time, as people are shopping for Christmas and it could produce some much welcomed extra cash for you! – If this is something that’s important for you at present (as it is for most of us!) I’ll be doing a blog post on making extra cash soon!

I hope you find this a little bit helpful.

Thanks & have a great week!

Sarah x

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My Top 5 Gift Picks for Book Lovers!

I love a good book and I also love giving books for gifts (or book related gifts)! Here are my top 5 book related gift ideas that are suitable for almost any age and budget.

Please note this blog contains affiliate links, so if you purchase through them I will recieve a very small commission , this helps pay my bills – so thank you for your support.

1. Book Vouchers. Easy-peasy, but still a really fantastic gift, for almost any age group. These can suit every budget and are very quick & easy to buy and for the recipient to use. Also, they are truely beloved by book lovers. A book token is a double gift, it offers the recipient a reason / excuse to spend many happy hours researching, browsing and sampling books, along with the pleasure of reading actual book purchased with the book token.

2. Book light – this is such a nifty little gadget, perfect for all those night time bookworms. I know you are thinking ‘well they read on kindle and don’t need a light’. But the research shows we should not be using screens near bedtime if we want a good nights rest. So get them a good book and a cute light & you’re even gifting them a good nights sleep – bonus!

3. A book bag. So if you buying for a book lover, they will need something to store and carry their book stash so a book bag is a sure fire winner!

4. A Book Lamp! What’s not to love? A lovely lamp (all book lovers need more of these in their homes) IN….THE….SHAPE….OF…..A…..BOOK – amazing!

5. A mug. All avid book lovers know that the best way to enjoy a good book is with a cup of tea, so a mug is a brilliant gift for a book lover!

As the festive season approaches; I hope these ideas help provide a little inspiration.

Thanks & enjoy!


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I love the Brontes….

There I said it!

It’s good to get these things out there, so that’s what i’m doing here.

Welcome to the mish-mash that’s my blog – part lifestyle, part travel, a little creating, trying to be kinder to ourselves, others and our planet, some laughs and a LOT of old literature.

So if you enjoy a bit of free-range wandering, don’t mind a few affiliate links (that’s one of the ways I pay my bills) and have a passing interest in the Brontes, Jane Austen, Dickens, Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, France, Japan, the lake district, the Norwegian Fjords, the seaside, caring for elderly parents, music, foraging, gin, handbags, True Crime, hand made earrings, cups of tea, parenting, The Clash, food, knitting, slime-mold, embroidery, eco-friendly life, cats, dogs, papier mache, jam, running, Whitby Jet, cocktails, books, cheese, fashion, crafts – (glueing & sticking), nature, interesting articles, shoes, art, ideas, vintage jewellery, snoopy, parabolic geometary – yes really, films, well being, biscuits and much much more (and indeed, who wouldn’t?) then you’re in the right place…… and breathe.

As you can see, I really love lots of things and people (mostly), as I’m sure you do too, and that can feel really busy – but, I’m taking a leaf from Emily Bronte’s book.

She famously, absconded from the daily hum-drum of her domestic duties and life and escape to the moors behind Haworth Parsonage. She was, as one of the Brontes so beautifully put it, ‘gone to the heather’.

Hence the blog title – this is our moor and our escape, so come and join us!

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As final note in today’s blog post, I wanted to share with you my favourite book, which is Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Bronte. It is the perfect escape from the frenetic-ness (no, I’m not sure that’s a word either) of our modern lives. I do believe that everyone should have a set of the Bronte Sister’s works and if you don’t, then why not indulge yourself in a firm act of self-care: click on the link below and escape to the heather….

A lovely set books featuring of the fantastic works of Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte & Anne Bronte.

Thanks & have a really lovely day.